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Fighting for Better Access. Together.

After having a curb cut inaccessible on my block for over a year and finding ways to navigate the obstruction, I reported it to my city council member in May of 2021. Within a couple of weeks, the curb cut was good as new.


A few weeks later, knowing many of Minneapolis' sidewalks are in need of repair, I created the Facebook group Minneapolis Sidewalk Repair Hunters on June 24, 2021 so that community members can easily report sidewalk and curb cut deficiencies.


Repairing sidewalks and curb cuts is extremely important to improve the accessibility of Minneapolis. Everybody — wheelchair users, strollers, bikers, pedestrians — should have equal and accessible access to pathways. Fixing inadequate sidewalks is key to helping the city grow into what it should be — a city with plentiful access and possibilities.


We, the founders of Minneapolis Sidewalk Repair Hunters, invite the community to be part of this movement. When we come together, we can create a course that helps everybody strive.

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